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The Abyss Table is a stunning coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean with stacked layers of wood and glass. Made by London-based furniture design company Duffy London, the limited-edition piece comes with the hefty price tag of £5,800 (nearly $10,000).


Sonnet / Part V

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I redid the old korra sketch today. This was the intended outcome rather than the previous one .. (which still baffles me that it got 230 notes even though it was a pretty inaccurate korra with huge boobs and brown eyes T_T) Anyways, I hope you like this version. 

Inspired by Kyhu and the new trailer for book 3. ( BTW k-y-h-u !! if you see this , we still have to do that art trade i hope you didnt forget XD ) 

watch the youtube video here -

previous version here -

reblahg to potential Korraholics ~ :) cheerssss. 


the quiet fade.


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vg challenge | 7 videogames [1/7]  Child of Light